Sangeeta Nair | Founder

I grew up in a small town. My house was surrounded with lush green fields of wheat, seasonal vegetables, and farmers taking their cattle out for grazing. But soon the fields gave way to industries & concrete buildings. Everyone around me called this as development & progress. When I moved out of the small town to big cities (in search of means of livelihood), there were more concrete buildings & more bright light that greeted me. I longed for & still long for those green lush fields & slow life.

While I realise that going back to the days of lush green fields may not be a possibility, it might be possible to bring a slice of that green life to the urban cities? And so, I question myself & everyone around me – How can we adopt our behaviors to reduce our footprint on the environment? One answer that always pops-up is creating sustainability part of everyone’s day-to-day life through fun and games that inspires everyone to make their own ‘Eco-Statement’. My wish for progress for environment sustainability is that ‘sustainable education and circular design products’ become as viral as the next luxury handbag or iPhone or statement item. With that dream & vision I founded The Eco-Statement.

Product / Workshop Services

We curate educational games, sustainable products & conduct talks/workshops/events around various topics of Sustainability. Check out our Products & Workshops Services.